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@ -24,6 +24,34 @@ delivery, use the command `power on` from the control utility. If you always
want this, try `power on perm`. Note that power is supplied out a separate pin
that is normally not used, so this is generally safe to keep enabled.
## Programming the chips
The process needed to program these is pretty unobvious. Here's what I do:
- Create a logic file in [WinCUPL](
You should get a .JED output.
- Use ATMISP7 (same link) to translate this to a .svf
- Create a new one-device chain
- Set the device name appropriately
- Select "Program/Verify" as the JTAG instruction
- Select your .JED file as the "JEDEC File"
- Choose "Write SVF file"
- Program using openocd:
openocd -f /usr/share/openocd/scripts/interface/jlink.cfg \
-c "adapter speed 400" \
-c "transport select jtag" \
-c "jtag newtap ATF1502AS tap -irlen 3 -expected-id 0x0150203f" \
-c init \
-c "svf FILENAME.svf" \
-c "sleep 200" \
-c shutdown
Note that the chip name and ID in this command don't actually need to match
(they may be able to be removed entirely).
## License/copyright
Intellectual property is bullshit. This is everyone's design.