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Intrusive Red-Black Tree Collection

The c-rbtree project implements an intrusive collection based on red-black trees in ISO-C11. Its API guarantees the user full control over its data-structures, and rather limits itself to just the tree-specific rebalancing and coloring operations. For API documentation, see the c-rbtree.h header file, as well as the docbook comments for each function.



The requirements for this project are:

  • libc (e.g., glibc >= 2.16)

At build-time, the following software is required:

  • meson >= 0.60
  • pkg-config >= 0.29


The meson build-system is used for this project. Contact upstream documentation for detailed help. In most situations the following commands are sufficient to build and install from source:

mkdir build
cd build
meson setup ..
meson test
ninja install

No custom configuration options are available.



  • Apache-2.0 OR LGPL-2.1-or-later
  • See AUTHORS file for details.