Implement memory spec options

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@ -84,6 +84,8 @@ The directory tree contains:
- Edit `` to list the files that need to be built, and select which peripheral libraries you want
- Consider changing the project name from `firmware` for more descriptive filenames
- Make sure to only include either the CH32V10x block or the CH32V30x block
- Have a look in the subproject readme for either `ch32v10x` or `ch32v30x`,
they have some cool options.
- Replace this readme with your own
## Changes I made to the WCH support code

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Subproject commit 99e395ebc54178088aa9a7a0a789f960c76ae19b
Subproject commit 801e7887adab62731db508b39cfcdc02356ec053

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Subproject commit 2584333367296569661239d28638a2817e8f9ec8
Subproject commit d9324c27504c61f15faf550d9bf40cd14c43476f