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minikv is a small power supply for projects using around 3mA from 600V to 1200V. Below 1000V, it can supply 5mA.

For more information, see my project page.

what's in here

  • - you're looking at it
  • minikv.kicad_sym - project-specific schematic symbol library
  • minikv.pretty - project-specific footprint library
  • minikv_doc_schem - dedicated schematic project for documentation, combining both boards
  • minikv_primary - primary winding and control board
  • minikv_secondary - secondary winding and rectifier board
  • spice - LTspice simulation files

what software do i need

KiCad 6.99 (pre-release 7.0). To run the simulation, you'll need LTspice XVII. (Yes, I've been trying to get it to simulate in KiCad — you can see some of my efforts in minikv_doc_schem — but have been having some trouble.)

how do i change it

minikv is public domain because intellectual property is fake. Do whatever you want with it, i can't stop you. Be gay, do crime.