its a polysynth
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POLY-1 hybrid polyphonic synthesizer



This is a hybrid (analog and digital) polysynth using the classic subtractive synthesis method. Features include the following (an asterisk * means the feature is provided in digital, otherwise analog):

  • Fully controlled by MIDI, plus front panel to edit settings (keyboardless)
  • Monophonic control of pitch, modulation, and gate by CV
  • Monophonic output of CV
  • Up to 16 voice boards:
    • Dual analog VCOs per voice providing:
      • Square, sawtooth, triangle
      • PWM by LFO (including symmetry modulating for triangle) on both
      • Fully variable FM by LFO on both
      • Fully variable FM by envelope on oscillator two
      • Hard sync from oscillator one to oscillator two.
    • Digital tuning of VCOs (*)
    • SSI2144 quad pole lowpass filter with switchable pitch tracking, envelope modulation, LFO modulation at two fixed strengths (LFO amplitude is also variable), and resonance as a function of pitch (*).
    • Voltage-controlled amplifier combines audio, noise, envelope, and optional LFO.
    • Dual digital envelope generator (*) generating independent envelopes for
  • Polytimbral - patches can be assigned to MIDI channels (global LFO and VCA excluded)
  • Global digital LFO providing:
    • Sine, square, sawtooth, triangle, noise
    • Internal modulation against a second LFO (not routable to voice boards) with same shape options