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FIP PD2530

PRERELEASE, this project is not complete.

PD2530 (Power supply, Dual, 25V, 3.0A) is the flagship power supply in the Free Instruments Project's PDP1 series. Its features include:

  • Output up to 25V at 3A
  • Two-quadrant (source and sink) operation including downprogramming
  • Oscillation between two setpoints
  • Internal parallel and series operation
  • Ganged operation via PDP1 link cable
  • Synchronized startup and oscillation in parallel and series mode
  • 10mV, 1mA resolution from 10mV to 25V and 5mA to 3A
  • 0.1% accuracy once calibrated
  • 150W hybrid-linear in a small package: 250mm x 190mm x 110mm
  • All the specifications of the PDP1 control module:
    • Separate mechanical knobs for voltage and current on each channel
    • Always-up voltage and current displays
    • SCPI over Ethernet, USB, and RS-232


A PD2530 can be built by starting from the root bill of materials.


PD2530 and the PDP1 family are public-domain.